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Maize, known in many English-speaking countries as corn, is a wholegrain produced by famers. Field corn varieties are used for animal feed and as chemical feedstocks. The company is one of the renowned Suppliers of Maize in Hoshiarpur (India). The Maize can be availed in the form of Red Maize, White Maize and Yellow Maize. The Maize have a wide use in the various medicines and food items.

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Red Maize

We are a major Supplier of Red Maize in Hoshiarpur (India). Red Maize is widely used by flour mills to make flour. An unleavened bread of Red Maize called Makki Di Roti is popular bread eaten in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan.


White Maize
The company is a reputed Supplier of White Maize in Hoshiarpur (India). White Maize is biologically and genetically very similar to Yellow Maize Seeds, although there is a difference in appearance due to the absence of carotin oil pigments in the kernel which otherwise cause the yellow colour of the grain. The company offers the very best

Yellow Maize
The company offers Yellow Maize. Yellow Maize has wide usage in the making of cornmeal, popcorn, cornflakes, and breakfast cereals. The Yellow Maize is a major source of starch. The Yellow Maize is also used in corn cooking oil and various medicines. Chemicals products like plastics, fabric, adhesives as well as the corn steep liquor,